Windows Store Revenue Split


The revenue share base is 70%, but when an app achieves $25K USD in revenue — aggregated across all sales in every market — that app moves to 80% revenue share for the lifetime of that app.

So, once an app establishes a bit of success, we increase the revenue share to 80% to reflect and reward that success.

So they are undercutting Apple on the revenue split here.

We have full platform support for free apps, trials (both time-based and feature-based trials) and paid apps, including in-app purchase. […]

I sure hope Apple is working on a way to enable free trials. The way it works on Windows Phone is great.

That said, developers can also choose to manage their customer transactions directly, for example, with newspaper subscriptions, or to adopt a business model with offline fulfillment, such as for auctions. We don’t mandate a specific transaction engine and developers can use their own.

Another big difference from Apple. I wonder though, with the various antitrust agreements Microsoft has made around the world, whether they could even consider an Apple-style “if you use our store, all transactions must go through us” policy.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011