Nintendo’s Miyamoto Stepping Down as Game Design Chief to Work on Smaller Games

Chris Kohler, Wired:

“Inside our office, I’ve been recently declaring, ‘I’m going to retire, I’m going to retire,’” Shigeru Miyamoto said through his interpreter. “I’m not saying that I’m going to retire from game development altogether. What I mean by retiring is, retiring from my current position.”

“What I really want to do is be in the forefront of game development once again myself,” Miyamoto said. “Probably working on a smaller project with even younger developers. Or I might be interested in making something that I can make myself, by myself. Something really small.”

Is there any other artist who is more universally agreed-upon to be the best who ever worked in their field? We could argue all day about the best-ever filmmaker, novelist, painter, or musical act. I don’t think you can argue with Miyamoto being the best-ever video game designer.

Thursday, 8 December 2011