Third-Party iPhone Twitter Clients Benefitting From Twitter’s New App

Dan Frommer:

Thanks to a price cut to $0.99 and the new Twitter launch on Thursday, Tweetbot has been shooting up the iPhone App Store charts, according to App Annie. It’s currently the no. 34 paid iPhone app, down from no. 16 on Saturday.

Tweetbot has been my iPhone Twitter client of choice for a few months now, but there are others worth looking at if you’re looking for something better than the new official client from Twitter. Off the top of my head: Echofon, Tweetlogix, Osfoora, Twitterrific, and Twittelator Neue are all worthy of attention. Each of those apps strikes me as better-designed than the new Twitter app, and each one of them is better designed than any single Twitter client I’ve ever tried for Android or Windows Phone. The iPhone Twitter client market is an embarrassment of riches.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011