Gitbox: Year One Status Report

Oleg Andreev:

In June on WWDC10 my boss told me once more that “real artists ship” and I shipped Gitbox with version 0.9 for free. It looked clumsy and I really worried that nobody would like it.

But it was a success. A lot of people got interested by a concept of “one-button” Git client. Never before version control app, especially for Git, was expected to be “simple” or “minimalistic” yet useful. A lot of people dismissed it for a lack of features. But still many fell in love with it from day one and continued using it daily. For many it became the only way to work with Git repos without exploding their brains.

It’s a pretty clever app — deceptively simple, in a good way. Currently on sale for just $10 — regular price, $40. (Via Gus Mueller.)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011