Brief Interpolation on the Contrasting Company Cultures of Microsoft and Apple

Interesting to see Frank Shaw celebrating (or, if you prefer, gloating) about this deal on Twitter:

Hey Google – we are the 70% #anotherandroidlicense

It’s hard to imagine an executive from Apple doing that regarding a legal agreement. I point this out not to pass judgment, but merely as an observation. Apple’s brand is cooler, friendlier, more consumer focused. Their executives appear onstage wearing jeans. Microsoft’s brand is more staid, more corporate focused. Their executives appear onstage wearing dress slacks. But in terms of things like using Twitter, Microsoft allows (encourages?) its executives to let it fly.

Actually, now that I think about it, I do want to pass judgment here. I like the way Microsoft allows this. This tweet from Frank Shaw is more honest, and a better reflection of how Microsoft really feels about this, than the PR. It’s an injection of real personality — a human voice rather than the corporate voice.

I understand why Apple is so tight-lipped, but it sure would be fun and revealing if, say, Phil Schiller used Twitter the way Frank Shaw does.

(On the other hand, Apple’s current use of social media like Twitter — to wit, almost not at all — is an accurate honest reflection of the company: secretive, cautious, reserved.)

Friday, 13 January 2012