TechCrunch Refugees

Paul Carr, writing for the just-launched PandoDaily, which is to TechCrunch as The Verge is to Engadget:

In any case, the launch of PandoDaily (are we calling it just ‘Pando’ yet? ‘PD?’) is proof of the old maxim that everything happens for a reason. Without all the unpleasantness, how else could I have the unmitigated pleasure of working with my old friends Sarah, Mike and MG — plus a bunch of new ones — on a splendid new enterprise, free from the yoke of corporate ownership?

Gee, that’s a real head-scratcher. Wait, I’ve got it: how about if Mike Arrington had never sold TechCrunch to AOL in the first place?

Monday, 16 January 2012