Could Bing Seriously Challenge Google?

Dave Winer, on the increased clutter in Google search results:

I wonder if Microsoft has ever done a study to see how many people switched from Windows to Mac because of all the shovelware and malware that was inundating Windows? I bet it was a lot of people. I promise you that’s why I switched. I don’t think the Mac is any easier to use. Except there are no viruses. My Windows machine was impossible to use because of all the crap.

Google is now in the same place. Enough is enough. Is anyone going to step up and take advantage of their mistake?

I’ve recently been using DuckDuckGo for many web searches, and I’ve been pleased with the accuracy and presentation of the results. My biggest beef is that DuckDuckGo feels a little slow compared to Google (whose web search results are famously optimized to return as close to instantaneously as is technically possible).

Monday, 16 January 2012