MLB Simplifies Pricing for iPhone and iPad Apps

Christopher Meinck, EverythingiCafe:

In previous years, baseball fans who subscribed to MLB At Bat were charged an additional fee to use MLB At Bat for iPad and yet another charge for the iPhone app. This year, we’ve just confirmed that MLB At Bat 12 will be free with your subscription, which remains at $119.99 for existing subscribers. New subscriptions will be priced at $124.99. This enables you to receive 150 Spring Training games and all 2430 regular season games (some games are subject to blackout), with no added cost for either the iPhone or iPad apps.

I like this change. Previously they had separate free and paid apps, plus the subscription fee for watching live ballgames. This is much simpler: apps are free, subscriptions cost $125. Easy. (If you like baseball, trust me, it’s money well spent.)

(Via 9to5 Mac.)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012