Polar Bear Farm’s One-Day Sale to Help Christchurch, New Zealand

Must-read letter from Layton Duncan, founder of the software shop Polar Bear Farm in Christchurch New Zealand, on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake:

Our city has been destroyed. It’s hard to find a natural disaster anywhere which has a larger effect on a country than this earthquake is having here. In relative terms, the effect on New Zealand is equivalent to around 8 Hurricane Katrinas, or around 3 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunamis. Christchurch needs serious help to recover from this once in 10,000 year event. […]

On Wednesday 22nd of February 2012, all our apps will be reduced in price. 100% of the proceeds of all sales for the day will go into seeding the formation of a charitable trust with the explicit purpose of kickstarting the creation of a built environment for a safe, vibrant, sustainable downtown Christchurch people can inhabit again.

Great apps, great prices, great cause.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012