Dan Frommer: ‘If You’re Still Whining About AT&T’s 3G Data Throttling, You’re Part of the Problem’

Dan Frommer:

If you use a lot of data, it’s only fair for you to pay more than people who don’t. That’s how many other constrained utilities work, and that’s now how wireless broadband works. That shouldn’t be hard to understand. Especially given the sorry state of AT&T’s data network. […]

Here’s the big picture bottom line: If you use a lot of data, you are clearly getting some sort of value out of it. Value isn’t free. The world’s finite resources simply aren’t trending toward free. That isn’t logical. I predict most of you will be spending significantly more per month for wireless data in 5 and 10 years than you do today. You’ll be getting faster and better service, and more value out of it, but it won’t be cheaper.

Not going to be popular with the “unlimited” plan hold-outs, but I agree.

Monday, 5 March 2012