Safari 5.2 Beta’s Big-Ass Tabs, For and Against

MG Siegler agrees with me that Safari 5.2 beta’s full-window-width tabs are ungainly. (Here’s what they look like with one tab, and with two.)

David Chartier disagrees:

More importantly, using that space for wider tabs, even with just one or two open, means that you can actually see the entire name of the page in each tab. This is one of the interface issues that drives me nuts about Chrome: every tab is the same tiny, useless width, so you never can make out much a page’s name.

A clever compromise that perhaps would make us all happy: If there’s room, grow tabs to be wide enough to contain the longest page title, but no wider. (Bonus points for enforcing a sane maximum width for SEO-drunk websites with crazy-ass long page titles.)

Monday, 5 March 2012