iPad 3 and Photography

Neven Mrgan:

Every announcement of iOS hardware has included new software as well; it only makes sense, whether iOS itself is getting an update at the time or not. So, what new app will we get this week?

Photography seems like the obvious target. All of Apple’s creative apps have been ported to iOS with the exception of iPhoto. The built-in Photos app overlaps iPhoto slightly. What aspects of iPhoto aren’t there on iOS today?

I speculated along similar lines during last week’s episode of The Talk Show. My thinking is three-fold:

  • We’ve already got iMovie and GarageBand for iPad. iPhoto seems like a glaring omission.
  • A good way to predict what’s coming next for the iPad is to ask yourself what sort of things are keeping regular people from using an iPad as their main computer. Photo management is the biggest one I can think of.
  • A retina display iPad should make photos look amazing.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012