Mat Honan on What to Expect at Apple’s Event Tomorrow

Mat Honan:

How important? Here is an anecdote: A major player in the consumer electronics industry had an event planned on Wednesday morning at the same time as Apple’s announcement. It was a chance for an intimate group of technology journalists to meet with a C-level executive, and to walk away at the end of the meeting with unreleased products to review. […]

Nonetheless, [Redacted] had to reschedule its event due to lack of interest. Too many inky hacks pulled out to cover Apple instead. We, the Press would rather sit in a dark room, unable to ask tough questions or actually touch and test an Apple product, than do our job. We would rather serve as a gateway for Apple’s live action press releases.

Good piece overall; Honan captures just how strong Apple’s attention gravity is. But, to quibble, the last two years there were hands-on demo areas where everyone invited could touch and inspect the new iPads — and if you try hard enough, you can ask questions.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012