Windows 8 Is Retina-Ready

Devin Coldewey, AOL/Techcrunch:

All the talk these days is of the new iPad and its magical screen. Apple isn’t the only one who can do that, you know. In fact, most display makers are looking forward to post-HD resolutions as one of the big selling points of the next generation of displays. Other tablets are already approaching iPad levels of pixel density and it would be foolish of the likes of Google and Microsoft not to be planning for it.

Fortunately, Microsoft is well aware of the trend and has plans in place for dealing with pixel-dense displays (or “Retina” to the vulgar).

Good for them that they’re ready for it, but let’s see some shipping products before we start slapping them on the back. That’s why Apple gets all the praise for the iPad display: it shipped.

Friday, 23 March 2012