The Argument That Apple Can Keep Growing

Yoni Heisler, writing for Network World:

As Apple continues to set new records for revenue and profits seemingly every single quarter, it’s become common for analysts and Apple observers alike to say that Apple’s tremendous growth can’t continue because the company is quickly running into the law of large numbers. Here’s why they’re wrong.

I agree with Heisler. What’s remarkable about Apple’s revenue and profit growth is that it’s happened with product categories — phones and computers — in which Apple still has single-digit market share. It’s more useful to look at the iPad’s share of portable computers than its share of the “tablet” market, and it’s more useful to look at the iPhone’s share of the mobile phone market than the “smartphone” market. All phones will soon be what we now call smartphones; and it may well be that most portable computers will soon be what we now call tablets.

Thursday, 19 April 2012