The Next iPhone’s Name

Devir Kahan:

Every time I hear someone make some prediction about the upcoming iPhone 5 I cringe. You see, we don’t have to make any predictions about the iPhone 5 because we have it already. The iPhone 4S is the fifth iPhone Apple has produced.

Logically, yes. But let’s face it — if Apple decided that “iPhone 5” was a good name, they’d use it, whether it’s the sixth actual iPhone or not. (I’d argue the next iPhone will be the seventh: the CDMA iPhone 4 is a different device [including a better antenna design] than the GSM model.)

Regardless, I think logic dictates that the next iPhone will simply be called “iPhone” and be referred to by Apple as “the new iPhone” just as, at this point, none of Apple’s other products use numbers.

I agree, which, if we’re right, makes the whole “Will they call it iPhone 5 or 6?” question moot.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012