Apple and Pebble

John Battelle:

Is Pebble playing with fire here? Would Apple ever change its developer terms of services to cut the new company off?

I think Battelle has a good point here, that one reason Pebble may have had trouble raising money from VCs is the fear that Apple might cut Pebble off at the knees. But I think the way Apple could most hurt Pebble is not by changing the SDK, but by releasing its own linked-to-your-iPhone wristwatch gadget. (Imagine, say, an iPod Nano with Pebble-like features and a LunaTik-style strap.)

Pebble is already hindered by the limited amount of interaction a Bluetooth device can obtain from an iPhone. E.g., it can notify you of incoming phone calls, but not messages or emails.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012