Andy Ihnatko Reviews iPhoto for iPad

Andy Ihnatko:

During this time, you will obsessively peck at iPhoto’s “Help” button. When you tap it, every button and interface element acquires a yellow coaching tag. It looks as though iOS is being pecked to death by a flock of canaries.

But here’s the point: Somewhere around Day One of Week Two, the clouds part. You’ll see a logic behind iPhoto that wasn’t immediately apparent and you’ll have forgiven those weird choices. From that day forward, until some company produces an even better photo editor or until the heat death of the universe, you’ll be working with a desktop-grade app with few limitations. Isn’t that better than an app that you completely figure out in five minutes and then completely outgrow in five weeks?

Detailed review of perhaps the most ambitious iOS app to date.

(I’ve heard that, in development, Apple was unsure whether to call it “iPhoto”, “Aperture”, or something entirely new. “iPhoto” won out, obviously, but Apple was aware from the start that this iOS app is in many ways more complex than iPhoto for Mac.)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012