Kevin Fox’s WWDC Predictions

Pretty good set of predictions overall, but this observation caught my eye:

Presumably once Apple stops using Google Maps tiles for their Maps app Google will be free to submit their own maps app for iOS and Apple would be hard-pressed to stop them, given the government scrutiny they underwent when stalling on the approval of Google Voice and other Google apps for iOS a few years ago.

Hadn’t thought about that before, but I agree. If Google wants iOS users to be able to use Google Maps after iOS 6 ships, they’re going to need to write their own app.

Update: I disagree with this bit, though:

Mountain Lion is almost done and will probably be required for the Retina MBPs, so the unveiling will probably be partnered with a sale date in early July, along with the release of Mountain Lion for regular consumers.

I don’t think retina display Macs necessarily need wait for Mountain Lion — there’s an awful lot of double-resolution (a.k.a. HiDPI) artwork in 10.7.4, and Apple has been steadily increasing the amount of retina-ready apps since 10.7. I think retina Macs could roll out running 10.7.4 or a 10.7.5 update. Further, I don’t think Mountain Lion is that close to shipping. Mountain Lion as we know it may seem stable and near-shipping, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those To-Be-Announced WWDC sessions are for as-yet-unannounced new stuff in Mountain Lion.

Monday, 4 June 2012