VGA Ports, Projectors, and Progress

Just about every response I got to last night’s bit on new PC laptops with VGA ports was along the same lines: of course they have VGA ports, because conference and classroom projectors so often require it.

By that logic, though, PCs would all still have PS/2 ports and floppy drives. Someone has to move away from VGA first — either the PC makers or the projector makers. And as Rob Beschizza points out at Boing Boing, at this point, the size of the VGA port is keeping laptops from getting thinner.

If PC makers wait until there are no VGA projectors in use before they stop putting VGA ports on laptops, they’ve waited too long. Just copy Apple: get rid of the antiquated port, make thinner computers, and sell $20 adaptors for those who need them.

Thursday, 7 June 2012