‘A Decent Thing That Someone Would Like’

This week on America’s favorite two-star podcast, I’m joined by special guest star MG Siegler. Topics include the way that Android, as an ecosystem, is spiraling out of Google’s control; Facebook’s purportedly “disastrous” IPO that actually worked out pretty well for Facebook itself; and a rundown of the various rumors heading into next week’s WWDC.

And speaking of next week, a fun announcement: the first-ever live audience episode of The Talk Show will be recorded in sunny and warm San Francisco on the second day of WWDC, Tuesday June 12. Tickets are free and open to anyone 21 or older, but seating is limited. Listen to this week’s show for event details and how to get tickets — first-come, first-served.

This week’s The Talk Show was brought to you by two great sponsors:

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Friday, 8 June 2012