Time to Offer Magazines on Apple’s Newsstand

Amy Chozick, reporting for the NYT:

Time Inc., once the magazine industry’s most ardent opponent of selling subscriptions through Apple, will make all of its magazines available via Apple’s newsstand, the two companies said Wednesday. […]

“For a magazine or brand like People or Time, a tablet will become an increasingly important part of the experience,” Ms. Lang said. “Our goal is to offer content where our consumers want to read it.”

Things change quickly. A little over a year ago:

But selling through the App Store, giving Apple a share of the revenue and, more important, letting Apple keep subscriber information secret unless subscribers specifically demand otherwise?

“We have chosen not to do that,” Mr. Sachs said in an interview, “because when we look at who to partner with, the key parts of our principles include of course making sure that the look and feel of products is great for consumers and the ability to set pricing terms, but also receiving key consumer data about subscribers.”

Thursday, 14 June 2012