Harry McCracken’s First 23 Questions About Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ Windows 8 Tablet

Harry McCracken has a good overview of how much we don’t know about Surface — beyond the obvious questions about pricing and availability:

Surface is going to require some explanation, and it’s probably going to be more impressive if you see it in person. Microsoft’s own chain of Apple Store-like retail establishments will be the only place you’ll be able to try it out; all of a sudden, the notion of Microsoft ramping up the quantity of stores to Apple-like numbers doesn’t sound quite so whacko.

But they don’t have Apple-like numbers of locations. They’ve only got 25 locations, and a bunch of those are “Coming Soon” (and who knows whether those are sooner soons than the “Coming Soon” for the Surface tablets themselves). Limiting them to 20-some retail locations is just bizarre.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012