Hands-on With Microsoft Surface for Windows RT, Touch Cover, and Type Cover – Where by ‘Hands-On’ Engadget Means ‘Hands-Off’

Dana Wollman, writing for Engadget:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a working demo of the keyboards. As in, we weren’t permitted to type sample sentences and feel what it’s like to hammer out characters on a flat keyboard, or on keys that have just 1.5mm of travel. It’s a shame, because what makes both keyboards special is that they have built-in accelerometers that allow the keyboard to tell which key you’re hitting, how fast and how forcefully. An intriguing idea if ever there was one, but difficult to weigh in on if all you’re allowed to do is peck at a lifeless demo model.

Those keyboards are the most interesting and innovative thing about the Surface. And Microsoft wouldn’t let anyone use them, even for a moment, at yesterday’s event.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012