Hard to Believe Gizmodo Would Botch a Story Like This

Odd story on Gizmodo last night, by Molly Oswaks:

T-mobile customers may have the displeasing distinction of being the only mobile subscribers not to get their paws on the much-hyped and forthcoming iPhone 5. Bummer.

“We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,” is what the carrier’s marketing chief, Cole Brodan, is reported to have announced in a recent employee “town hall” meeting.

Follow that link to the purported source, though, and it comes up as an empty web page. I think, though, it was the mobile URL for this story, published by the same reporter (Cromwell Schubarth) for the same publication (The Puget Sound Business Journal). The problem for Gizmodo: the dateline for that story was September 2011.

The whole thing goes back to this report by David Beren for TmoNews regarding the T-Mobile “town hall” meeting — again, from last September.

Oswaks ends her piece thus:

T-mobile customers, now seems like a good time to check out the terms and end date of your current contract. Eh?

It’s also a good time for Gizmodo to check the dates on the stories they link to.

Update: Brad Reed, “News Editor” at BGR, today published a piece based on the same year-old news, about 10 hours after Gizmodo’s. That BGR URL is a 404 now, but our good friends at Google have it cached. Oddly, Reed didn’t even mention Gizmodo, but instead linked to the same mobile URL for the same year-old story from The Puget Sound Business Journal. What a coincidence!

Update 2: Now the Gizmodo story has gone down the 404 memory hole as well. Google has it cached, though.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012