10 Percent of 9to5Mac’s iOS Readers Are on iOS 6

Visitors to sites like 9to5Mac certainly are not representative of the iOS user base as a whole, but it’s an interesting statistic nonetheless. Here at DF, 7.75 percent of iOS visitors yesterday were on iOS 6. (83 percent were on 5.1.1, 5 percent on 5.1, 1.6 percent on 5.0.1, and all other versions of iOS were well under half a percent.)

More interesting to me is that iOS now accounts for just under one-third of DF web traffic. These are numbers the past month:

Macintosh 51%
iOS 32%
Windows 14%
Linux 1.4%
Android 0.8%

The iOS split is 19/13 for the iPhone and iPad, respectively.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012