I’ve Got the Answer to When the iPad Will Be Considered a Content-Creation Device

Harry McCracken:

And I have one final question of my own: Just how much content creation has to be happening on iPads before it’s clear to every rational person that the debate over content creation on iPads is silly?

Every time I write about this, I get vociferous responses from the iPad-is-not-suitable-for-creation crowd. No surprise, looks like McCracken did too:

I see: We’re not allowed to call an iPad a content-creation device until 100% of humans say it’s THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE CONTENT-CREATION DEVICE

Reminds me of my self-centeredness definition of “Apple fanboy”. (See also: this.) For these people, the iPad is unsuitable for content creation for anyone unless it’s suitable for them.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012