Goodbye to Ichiro, the Man They Called Something

Nice piece by Mariners fan Jeff Sullivan:

Personally, I’m pleased that, if Ichiro had to go, he wound up on the Yankees. The Yankees have as good a shot at the World Series as anybody, and Ichiro’s never played in anything even close to that environment, on and off the field. I hope he gets his ring. He deserves a ring, if more for his career than for his season, and while the Yankees are by no means the most rootable bandwagon in the league, there’s no other playoff contender that boasts an Ichiro. I think it’s neat that the Orioles, the Pirates, and the A’s are in playoff contention. It’s fun to root for underdogs. I don’t feel as strongly about rooting for underdogs as I feel about rooting for Ichiro. I always need a reason to root for somebody, and there’s no reason better than this one.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012