About the Samsung F700

Speaking of The Verge, last year Nilay Patel had a good piece on the Samsung F700 — the phone that Samsung wants to present as trial evidence of prior art that they were designing iPhone-style devices before the iPhone was announced:

Unfortunately, however, it’s also factually inaccurate: the F700 was announced in Feburary 2007 at Mobile World Congress, after the iPhone was announced in January at MacWorld, and it’s actually a chunky 16.4mm-thick slider QWERTY that looks appreciably different than the iPhone. It also has a homescreen that’s quite different than iOS — what you’re seeing above is the function menu. (Remember, it was a dumbphone: no apps!) But that’s been hashed out all over the place. I want to point out something else. Let’s look at the F700 in a different context. Instead of looking at the similarities, let’s try to highlight the differences.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012