Apple’s Motivation for Suing Samsung

Jim Dalrymple:

In a column on The New York Times last weekend, Nick Bilton wrote that Apple is doing itself more harm than good in suing Samsung.

“By showing the public how it designs products that twice radically changed the electronics industry, Apple could risk losing some of its magic,” said Bilton.

I’m not going to say that Apple doesn’t care at all about keeping its secrets, but this is a case of dealing with the lesser of two evils. Sue Samsung now and show some old prototype photos but stop them from copying future products, or let them continue copying.

Agreed. The lawsuit is about Samsung’s actions over the past few years, but Apple’s goal is about what Samsung and other like-minded competitors will do over the next few years. The stakes are far higher than the $2+ billion Apple is seeking in damages.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012