Apple-Samsung Closing Arguments

Tim Bradshaw, reporting for The Financial Times:

Mr McElhinny suggested that “every smartphone does not have to look like an iPhone”, showing pictures of other devices including Nokia’s Lumia and a Casio phone.

The Verge’s live coverage of the arguments mentions the Lumia and a Sony Xperia Arc. Although it’s certainly true that Casio makes smartphones that look a little different from the iPhone.

Mr McElhinny alleged that Samsung had “disrespected” the legal process by refusing to bring its most senior executives over from South Korea, a position he contrasted with appearances from Apple’s Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller, its software and marketing chiefs respectively. “They were willing to face cross examination,” he said. “No Samsung executive was prepared to come here from Korea and answer questions under oath. Instead of witnesses, they sent you lawyers.”

I hadn’t thought of the “cowardice” angle here before.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012