Why Tim Edwards Is Uninstalling Windows 8

Speaking of Windows 8, this is a rather scathing review:

The email app is horrendous. It is the worst email client I have ever used. It’s a full-screen Metro abomination that hides or is missing basic and vital functionality (search, column sorting, filtering). It’s full-screen, but only shows a small sample of your messages — so the screen real-estate is massively wasted. If you have multiple email accounts, there’s no combined inbox view. It’s slow to check and sync your email — unless you force a manual refresh. And the first time you use it, you will struggle to find the ‘send email’ button. Pro-tip — it’s the (+) in the top right.

I’ve tried to remain skeptical of pessimistic Windows 8 reviews. Anything different is going to draw negative reviews. The iPhone was panned by many at first, and the iPad even more so. I’d be worried if reviews of Windows 8 were consistently in the “it’s pretty good” range. Microsoft needs it to be disruptive, and that’s going to turn some people off, even if it’s brilliant.

But Edwards’s review makes it sound incomplete. No search for email? That can’t be right, can it?

Thursday, 23 August 2012