Something’s Rotten, That’s for Sure

Michael Wolff, writing at The Guardian, “Apple’s rot starts with its Samsung lawsuit win”:

This fierce defensiveness might be rightly understood in a psychological sense: Apple itself is based on stolen iconography. There was first the Beatle’s [sic] Apple and there was Xerox PARC’s desktop design. Apple’s self-righteousness masks its guilt.

Indeed, there have been several legal skirmishes between Apple Inc. (née Apple Computer Inc.) and The Beatles’ Apple Corps, but they negotiated agreements. As for the tired “Apple stole the ideas for the Mac GUI from Xerox” chestnut — seriously? Does Michael Wolff know how to use Google?

(It may be sheepish, too, about being more of a marketing organization than a technology company.)

Another greatest hit from Apple troll bag: Apple is a technology poser that merely dresses up in pretty “marketing” the engineering innovations of other “real” technology companies.

For some, Apple is always doomed. In the old days, because they were too small, dwarfed by Microsoft. Then, a decade ago, it was because the iPod boom would surely prove fleeting and soon go bust. Now, it’s because they’re too big, doomed by their success and the company’s institutional hubris.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012