The ‘Samsung Was the Real Winner’ Theory

John C. Dvorak, the Apple doubter’s Apple doubter, says Samsung was the real winner in last week’s court case:

The white handset icon set against a green background is a critical part in fully understanding how similar the Samsung phone is to the iPhone. In fact, Apple designer Susan Kare actually testified that when she was playing with the Samsung phone, she swore it was an Apple iPhone! Her testimony was quite convincing. It convinced millions of people that for a lot less money, they can get an iPhone by buying Samsung’s phone. Genius! […]

This is a disaster for Apple no matter what Samsung does to its interface and its rounded corners. The case and its results, because of Apple testimonies, make it sound as if Apple was suing because a better product evolved.

The thrust here is that Apple convinced the world that Samsung’s phones are just as good as Apple’s. See this Google Plus post from Enrique Gutierrez (which reads like bullshit to me) for purported anecdotal evidence that this is the actual takeaway from the trial for real people in the real world.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. People know what knockoffs are.

(Bonus points to Dvorak for bringing up Foxconn as a possible reason for customers to abandon the iPhone. Good thing Samsung doesn’t have any Chinese labor issues.)

Friday, 31 August 2012