Touched a Nerve

The content of this Gizmodo post isn’t particularly interesting — it’s just a reblogging of Sebastiaan de With’s “PC laptops before and after the MacBook Pro and Air” comparison from the other day — but the comments are a gold mine. E.g.:

  • “The picture is nothing but a little fucking Apple Fanboy kicking up shit for no reason. […] Now this is showing only bulky machines and netbooks. Why don’t they actually show a normal laptop? Hmm? Also tell me how that tiny little battery is getting you through the day compared to the GIANT ass battery in my non anorexic laptop.”

  • “Ugh, this is bugging me more than I thought it would! You’re showing a Dell Dx30\Dx51 generation laptop. That laptop is NOT succeeded by a Dell XPS 13. There have been about 3 generations since that laptop, the current is the Dell Latitude E6420.”

  • “I mean, seriously, Apple didn’t invent the chiclet keyboard, for crying out loud. And thinness isn’t a new idea, either. This is just another John Gruber-derived piece of fanboy nonsense.”

Monday, 3 September 2012