The gaping chasm between the tech press’s reactions to new iOS devices and those of actual consumers is growing, not closing. At this point it’s getting absurd. Read these excerpts collected by Harry Marks and try to square them with the record-breaking pre-orders over the weekend.

Update: To be clear, I’m in no way arguing that mass market popularity should necessarily correlate with critical response. The best movies each year seldom make the most money; the movies that make the most money are seldom the best artistically. Transformers 3 made hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office but was rightfully panned by critics. Just because many people paid to see it (or even enjoyed it) doesn’t mean it was a good movie. But that’s the thing with the “boring” tag being applied to the iPhone 5. These critics aren’t saying it’s a bad phone. They’re just complaining that, what?, it was predictable? That it’s what everyone expected?

Monday, 17 September 2012