More on the New iOS 6 Maps App

Waze CEO Noam Bardin, in an interview with Megan Rose Rickey at Business Insider:

Both TomTom and Waze are listed in Apple’s copyright notice as providers of map data. But Bardin’s observations suggest that Apple is relying predominantly on TomTom.

“Apple went out and partnered with the weakest player,” Bardin says. “They’re now coming out with the lowest, weakest data set and they’re competing against Google, which has the highest data set. What’s going to happen with the Apple maps, is that you’re literally not going to find things. When you do find them, they might be in the wrong place or position geographically. And if you do have it, the route to it may not be the optimal route.”

Tell us what you really think. (Via BGR, whose article contains an update that suggests Bardin regrets his acerbic tone.)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012