Ex-Nokia Team to Launch New Phone Based on MeeGo

Sven Grundberg, reporting for the WSJ (paywall circumventing Google search)

A group of former Nokia Corp. employees has raised €200 million ($258 million) from a variety of telecommunications-industry players to introduce a new mobile operating platform based on discarded Nokia technology, and the group will unveil a new phone next month.

Finnish start-up Jolla Ltd. made waves earlier this year when it announced its intention to use Nokia’s MeeGo operating system as the basis for a new line of mobile devices. Nokia abandoned the system last year in favor of using Microsoft Corp.’s Windows system, but allowed Jolla and other companies access to the technology.

Jolla’s code name for its new MeeGo-based system is “Sailfish.” Further details about the new phone aren’t being disclosed at this time.

Well, good luck. I mean it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012