More on That Amazon Homepage Comparison Between iPad Mini and Kindle Fire

Daniel Jalkut:

Since when does Amazon target the anti-Apple market? The companies compete in a growing number of areas including digital music, movies, and eBooks. But Amazon has thrived with this competition largely because it targets the same market that Apple does, while doing some things better than Apple. From the early days when my colleagues were tearing open shipping boxes at Infinite Loop, to the present time when many Mac and iPhone aficionados cling tenaciously to their authentic Amazon Kindles, the pro-Apple market is the pro-Amazon market. Why would a company that has historically aimed so high change its focus to the lower end?

After thinking about it overnight, I think my snap assessment yesterday was a bit off. As Matt Drance points out on Twitter, it’s not a generic anti-Apple message, but rather a very specific one: that Apple’s products are overpriced. That’s a message that resonates with many people by default, let alone when faced with a comparison like this one. Amazon isn’t painting the iPad Mini as a bad product, but rather as a bad deal.

Monday, 29 October 2012