Eddy Cue

Terrific profile of Eddy Cue by Greg Sandoval at CNet:

Cue built even more credibility by not trying to hide Apple’s intentions. In 2004, Cue stated very clearly that Apple was interested in selling media as a means to sell gadgets. “There’s a better margin in iPods than in the record business,” Cue told the trade journal Music Week.

“He wasn’t altruistic, certainly,” said Chris Castle, an attorney who has worked with music-tech companies for years and has negotiated with Cue. “He had an agenda, of course. My impression was that he was very clearly about Apple’s interest, but it was clear he also wanted to be fair. Apple never tried to steal music like many of these other guys. They cared about content It was never about what they could get away with. With Eddy you felt you had a fair hearing.”

Friday, 2 November 2012