Curious Spin From Google Regarding iOS Maps

Michael Grothaus had a piece in The Guardian, wherein unnamed sources from Google claim they think Google’s still-unfinished iOS Maps app is going to be rejected by Apple:

Sources at Google familiar with its mapping plans say they are “not optimistic” that Apple will ever approve a dedicated Google Maps iOS app. Though the app is reportedly in development and should be ready to ship by the end of the year, the sources say their plans are only proceeding in “the unlikely event” that Apple will choose to approve the app.

Why would Apple reject a Google Maps app? There are plenty of mapping apps in the store, including several that use Google Maps APIs as the back end. There are numerous Google apps in the store, including the competes-with-Siri Google Voice Search.

As “proof”, they point to Apple’s curated “Find maps for your iPhone” section of the store, which currently lists no apps using Google Maps for the back end data. But even if Apple wouldn’t list an official Google Maps app in that curated list (and that’s a big if), that’s not the same thing as not allowing it into the App Store in the first place.

If Google submits a Google Maps app that complies with the App Store rules and guidelines, Apple will accept it.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012