My thanks to Koku for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. Koku is a new personal finance management app for the Mac and iPhone, focused on simplicity and flexibility. Koku is easy to set up, with great features like Direct Connect to automatically and safely download transactions from supported U.S. banks and financial institutions. You just enter your account information once and Koku takes care of the rest. As transactions come in, you can tag and rename them as you see fit. Then you can generate powerful reports showing you where your money is going.

iCloud support keeps your data in sync between your Mac and iPhone. There’s a free demo of the Mac version on Koku’s website, and both the iPhone and Mac versions in the App Store are available now at special introductory prices — 50 percent off for the Mac version, and 60 percent off for the iPhone version. Check out the demo video on their website and see just how easy and simple Koku is to use.

Saturday, 10 November 2012