Jackass of the Week: Reuters

Chris Taylor, writing for Reuters:

But when it comes to immediate impact on their wallets, maybe they should be thinking about something else entirely: The Apple tax.

Americans are shelling out big bucks annually to outfit the entire household with Apple products. And they are spending hundreds - if not thousands of dollars - more each year for the unexpected Apple “taxes” — add-ons that lock them into the Apple system: iTunes downloads for music, movies and games, along with subscriptions and accessories.

Taxes are mandatory payments to the government, enforced by law.

Remember, this is not something that consumers are being forced to pay.

Wait, I thought he was saying it was a “tax”?

They are dipping willingly into their own pockets, because they’re essentially slaves to the devices.

“Slaves” and “willingly” in the same sentence. Jiminy.

As for Martorana, his family’s indentured servitude to Apple looks like it will continue indefinitely. He is looking to replace his MacBook with a newer model within a year or so, which he guesses will cost at least another $1,300. While he loves the products unreservedly, he sees no way out of the annual Apple tax.

If only he could simply decide to stop buying stuff.

Best part is that Reuters credits not one but two editors at the bottom of the piece. If this isn’t the dumbest thing I read all week I fear for my sanity.

Update: Nestled amidst the stupidity is some fascinating data on Apple’s growth:

In 2011, the average amount U.S. households spent on Apple products was $444, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. That figure has been rising smartly every year. In 2010 it was $295. Back in 2007, it was only $150.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012