‘Room for Growth’

Chitika, comparing the web traffic generated by Nexus tablets to the Surface RT:

To quantify this study, Chitika Insights looked at a sample of tens of millions of tablet impressions from the Chitika ad network, specifically from the U.S. and Canada, from November 12 to November 18 2012.

Domestically, Google Nexus tablet users are generating more than seven times the Web traffic of the Microsoft Surface, but it is important to note that the original Nexus 7 had a head start, debuting this past July. With time, it would seem likely that this gap will narrow as Surface sales grow.

Let’s put this in perspective, though. Nexus tablets generated seven times more traffic than the Surface, but still didn’t account for an entire percentage point of tablet web traffic. All Nexus tablets combined amount to just 0.91 percent — not of web traffic in total, but tablet web traffic.

So, lots of room for growth for Nexus too.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012