iPad Versus the Competition Based on a Sample of User Tweets on Christmas

Results sound about right to me: iPad nearly an entire order of magnitude out in front; Kindle Fire second and the clear winner in the “tablet other than iPad” category; Nexus a clear third but sort of disappointing; Surface near zero. Here’s a comment from A.X. Ian, who created the graphic, explaining his methodology.

One critique is that iPad owners are more likely to tweet than other tablet owners because Twitter support is now built into iOS. I think that’s probably backwards — that if there’s a pro-iPad bias to this technology, it’s that active Twitter users are more likely to choose an iPad than non-Twitter users are. Likewise, someone who primarily just wants to read books on their tablet is more likely to buy a Kindle Fire than the average person. So Apple’s lead in tablet sales may very well not be quite as large as this analysis indicates, but I bet it’s in the ballpark.

(Via Andy Baio — and look at how many people have retweeted or favorited that one.)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012