One Last Morsel of 2012 Claim Chowder

A year ago I said this would be fun to revisit today. I was right.

Update: Even better, Deagon claims today that his year-ago prediction was right, claiming as proof Apple’s stock decline over the past three months. Year over year (as opposed to cherry-picking the last three months, when Apple’s share price has seen a sharp decline) Apple’s stock price is up 26 percent since Deagon’s original prediction. So, he’s trying to argue that stock price is a gauge of coolness, and that despite Apple’s stock being up 26 percent over the last year, he was correct that Apple would “lose cool” over 2012. Sure, makes perfect sense. (He also points to a Strategy Analytics survey that claims the number of iPhone owners who plan to buy another iPhone as their next phone dropped from 93 to 88 percent year over year, but neglects to point out that Android tends to fare terribly in such surveys. Android handset makers dream of 88 percent retention rates.)

Monday, 31 December 2012