MLB Interview Caps

Paul Lukas at Uni Watch:

MLB already has game caps, BP caps, Elmer Fudd caps, St. Paddy’s Day caps, All-Star Game caps, World Series caps, throwback caps, futuristic caps, G.I. Joe caps, flag-desecration caps, wild card winner caps, division champion caps, league champion caps, World Series champion caps, snap-back caps, low-profile caps, distressed caps, and probably a few other caps I can’t think of right now.

Any reasonable person surveying this headwear landscape can only come to one possible conclusion: We need more motherfucking caps.

Fortunately, the folks at MLB have taken heroic steps to alleviate this tragic cap shortage before it reaches Irish Potato Famine-like proportions. Behold what they have magnanimously bestowed upon a cap-benighted world: the interview cap.

Can’t wait to find out what the fine is for a player who conducts an interview while not wearing their special interview cap.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013