The ‘New iPhone in Early 2013’ Theory

Michael Grothaus, writing for TUAW:

Do the component cuts, if true, mean iPhone 5 demand is weak? It’s possible. But it could also hint at another number of things. Apple usually reduces component orders when they are getting ready to ramp up for a new product. There have been rumors that Apple will move to a six-month release schedule for its iOS devices to keep up with competition. The lower component orders could signal that an “iPhone 5S” can be expected sooner rather than later.

But an iPhone 5S would almost certainly use the same display as the iPhone 5. The previous “S” iPhones — the 3GS and 4S — used not only the same display as their non-S predecessors, but also sported the same form factors.

If Apple’s component orders for the iPhone 5 really were cut by half, there’s no way to see it as anything but weak demand for the iPhone. My skepticism is all about that “if”.

Monday, 14 January 2013