Passing It Along as Established Fact

Eric Zeman, writing for Information Week, states the WSJ’s and Nikkei’s unattributed stories that iPhone 5 component orders have been slashed as fact:

Apple, responding to weak market demand, has sliced orders for iPhone 5 parts by as much as 50%.

One way or the other, there’s going to be a lot of crow to be eaten come two weeks when Apple releases their holiday quarter results.

The design of the iPhone 5 may be quite good, but Apple has handicapped itself by offering only one new phone each year. Samsung, by way of comparison, offers dozens of models each year. Samsung covers every price point, every screen size and every feature.

Whether or not Apple has in fact cut orders for iPhone 5 parts, it may need to step up the number of devices it introduces each year if it wants to continue to compete against Samsung in particular, and Android in general.

Sure, makes total sense that the company that has been generating more than two-thirds of the entire industry’s profits is the one that should consider acting more like its competitors.

Monday, 14 January 2013