Bobo, the Accidental Hit App

Claire Atkinson, reporting for The New York Post:

Bob Tedeschi, the Times’ Gadgetwise columnist until last June, who covered the app world, went undercover in 2010 to develop an app — and helped create “Bobo Explores Light,” an award-winning best-selling iPad app, The Post has learned.

Tedeschi undertook the project using the pseudonym Craig Fusco so Apple wouldn’t give him any unwarranted favorable or unfavorable treatment. In a recent interview, he said he was moved from the tech beat after telling his editors of Bobo’s success. “I was floored by how well it did,” Tedeschi told The Post. […]

Ironically, Tedeschi’s app creation was first discussed with a Times editor as a possible story that would address how hard it was to make a living developing apps. The story assignment was eventually dropped — but Tedeschi continued pursuing the idea.

Makes you think The Times wasn’t looking for the answer to whether it’s possible to make a living developing apps, but rather only wanted a story that concluded you can’t.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013